January 4, 2012

Disaster in the Studio

Woe is me!  I finally ditched some of my household chores after KILLING myself working out, just so that I could get some studio time in.  Today was like a mid-summer day, a whopping 85 degrees out and perfect for working with the big garage door up and lots of natural light.

The piece I worked on has been sitting for a while.  The torso looks so much like Gadhafi (it was quite unintentional and simply the result of my sculpting inexperience and lack of training).  A visiting friend saw and admired the piece and teased repeatedly that she wants it when it's finished.  I thought it might make a nice birthday gift for her this year.

The move from an indoor studio to an outside studio has not been without damage and loss.  There are a dozen things I can't find and the rolodex that I thought I had so brilliantly created, listing all craft supplies and their location (absolutely necessary with a million different bells and whistles) is now utterly useless.  I recall this piece perched atop a sturdy dowel, poking out of a bucket of rulers, pens and paintbrushes on my work desk, and also recall that it plopped out and onto the desk a week or so ago.   I never noticed the damage.  So I spent two hours today affixing fibers and a zillion tiny threads of copper wire (with a million more wires to go, or so I thought), only to have it end up looking like Gadhafi with a broken nose in a dress.  Scrap.