October 22, 2012

Finding a New Creative Outlet

With Halloween and my birthday around the corner, I had hoped to try to find anything I could to decorate and celebrate and make this place feel more like home while we wait to move into the home we are buying.  As a family, we're quite nuts about holiday decorating, beginning with Halloween.  We usually have a lot of phony spider webs in the front yard, a number of ghoulish tombstones in the orchard, fog machines, fake bones, and scary music outside, with loads of metal "haunted houses" and illuminated purple- and orange-lighted trees on the fireplace mantle. 

Along with this rental house, we've been given access to what had once been a concrete business next door.  There is what was an old carpeted office and a separate garage in which we stored the last of our belongings and furniture removed from the house we sold.  I started going through one box at a time, looking for the little book of Halloween DVD's and maybe finding something I could bring indoors to work out my creativity demons.  I never found the DVD's, but did find that the movers quite literally dumped the contents of my studio desk drawers in a box, then slapped it shut with a tape gun.  There were rotary cutters, a magnetic pin and needle holder, small boxes and containers of beads and threads...what a mess!  I didn't dare stick my hand in the box to find anything for fear of coming out bleeding.

Alas, there will be none of the usual creative outlet for a while.  We expect to be able to move in to our new home around November 9th or 10th.  I have decided to adopt this laundry room as my new studio.  It's huge!  Better yet, it has great natural light, a lovely view of the front yard and garden, and a SINK!  Oh, happy dance.  The current homeowner sews (this is her work station right now) and clearly has made this space work for her.  There's even a walk in closet at the end of the row of cabinets on the left.   I think this space is going to be terrific for a studio.

So I have had to limit my creativity to decorating and designing the new house.  I've been buying furniture and light fixtures, plotting paint colours and enjoying the freedom to be creative with a much bigger place.  I look forward to finding my ATCs, getting all of my art and reference books set up in the library, and get to creating in whatever little bits of time I can find.  I'm still commuting to/from our old town twice a day so that my son can finish school there, so time for creating art is limited.  In the meantime, how exciting to get to start with a clean slate for decorating and creating.  We'll go nuts decorating for Halloween next year :-)