September 25, 2012

Putting Art on Hold

I finally get the ball rolling, and now I have to grab the ball, wrap it up, put it in a box and move.  I'm not quite sure that reality has completely set in.  We have only one more full day in our house before the moving truck arrives to start boxing up our lives.  Scoping out the rental house again and again, I try to figure out just how much of my art-making goodies I can cram into the house before we break a law or someone breaks their neck dodging it all.  My desk with the sewing machine can squeeze into the dining room, and the printer can sit on the floor next to it.  OK, two printers.  I can put my cabinets with art supplies at the front of the storage garage behind the house so that I can easily access materials.  

The reality is that I will have painfully little time for art from now until my son graduates from school next June.  Having moved so often during my school years, I am willing to make the drive to our soon-to-be old town each day so that he can complete his last year with his classmates and lifetime friends.  This means I will be in a car for about five hours a day, depending on traffic.  Will I even find time to get any exercise or actually clean the house?  Am I back to choosing between mopping and making something?  Again?  Sigh.

Add to the drama of the move a beastly cat that has decided the temporary home is, in its entirety, her personal litterbox and destruction zone.  It's hard to be creative when distracted by destruction.  There's got to be a way.  Tomorrow we visit with a new vet, one that specializes in kitties and in kitty behavioral problems.  Charlotte will be staying with said vet for a few days while we traumatize her further with the addition of all of this furniture and stuff and mess.  She'll surely be plotting her revenge whilst growling her brains out in the carrier on the way to the vet. 

For now, I'll stick with making ATCs and trying to find time to sew and make more of my figurative work.  I can certainly sit in a car and sculpt a head or sketch on a tiny card, right?  There has to be a way to make art while practically living in my car.  We'll see.