February 5, 2012

Success Short Lived

I chuckled when I looked at the date of my last post.  My success was short lived, not having been back in the studio since.  It really is hard getting out there because it IS a garage, after all.  It's a nice space, but every time I'm out there I think about something I need in the house.  When I'm in the house, I think of stuff I need that's in the garage.  A bathroom, a sink and a mini fridge would be great in the garage (and is not going to happen).  My bookshelf with all of my artsy reference books is still in the indoor studio/now daughter's room, but I suppose that's good.  Too often I peruse the books for inspiration (note to self: remember the quote from the artist that says we need to just get out there and do it and stop waiting for the inspiration bolt of lightening).

The other issue I have to deal with is a tricky one - how do I manage solicitors?  Some guy actually came to the house trying to sell me meat, MEAT, from a fancifully decorated refrigerated truck.   It didn't take me long to get rid of him, assuring him that I'm not a vegetarian, but I would never, ever, ever buy meat from a truck and nothing he could say would change my mind.  But what a pain in the patootie to have to deal with this stuff.  I need a sign on an easel that reads, "I'm at work here.  No soliciting!  Chatterboxes interested in art are welcome."  Well, something along that line, but more clever.  Clearly I need to work on the concept.

Today is the big, stupid football game that most of America is slobbering over, so uninterrupted art time shouldn't be a problem.  While I will be doing some cooking and turning the kitchen into a meatball factory, I intend to work on my art journal and have some tunes cranking and will NOT fold any laundry or clean any floors today.  Before I get started, I'm going to glance at a couple of the blogs I follow for my daily dose of inspiration (Mary, I'm thinking of you!) and previous notes of encouragement and advice from my best artsy friend Deb. 

Let's get messy!